Bed Bug Pesticides and Misapplications

In my book “Bite Back” chapter 2, I talk about the misapplication of pesticides by renters for their bed bug issue, especially from foreigners. You would be surprised of how many use the wrong can of pesticides around their apartments. I had one woman show me a can of pesticides labeled for ticks that she was spraying on all her stuff.

Another misapplication is bug bombs. Bug bombs DO NOT work for bed bugs but make matter worse. You can’t just pick up any old spray and spray. You MUST understand what you are doing when it comes to your bed bug infestation.

If you are going to apply any pesticides yourselves you MUST read and understand the pesticide label. If you are not willing to do so then do not spray anything, hire yourself an exterminator! You may just make yourself sick. is a fully functional Bed Bug company out of New Jersey that specializes in bed bug heat remediation,  deep freezing, canine inspection and chemicals. We operate out of New Jersey and work in New Jersey, Staten Island, Philadelphia and parts of Philly.

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