Bed Bugs and Hotels

Most hotels especially the major ones do their best to keep their hotels bed bug free. The issue becomes, it happens so fast that the hotel can only react. The infestation usually isn’t major but a couple of stragglers that made it off the luggage. If you come across bed bugs in your hotel room don’t panic but do the following:

  • Alert housekeeping you found bed bugs.
  • Move your suitcase onto the top of your dresser away from the infestation.
  • Take off all your sleep garments and bag them separately. (Ask housekeeping if they can wash them for you)
  • Ask to be transferred to another room immediately.

When you arrive home:

  • Bring your suitcase immediately to the laundry room.
  • Put all dry cleaning items in the dryer on high heat for 40 minutes.
  • Wash all your washable items and dry.
  • Take your suitcase into your garage or outside and spray with 92% rubbing alcohol.

These are steps we take as a family when we travel regardless if we see bed bugs or not. The goal is to be safe and not sorry. Is a company out of New Jersey that specializes in bed bug removal. Our company works with heat remediation, freezing, hot steam, canine inspections and chemicals as needed. As part of your program we cover all your beds with bed bug mattress covers. We service New Jersey, Staten Island, Pennsylvania and parts of Philly.

Scott Linde is a 30 year bed bug expect and a published author. Scott is available to speak with your staff regarding bed bugs. If you should live in the areas we service and need our assistance, please call us at 855-284-2483.

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